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The Protect Rio Vista program utilizes your subscription funds to hire off-duty Fort Lauderdale police officers to patrol in the neighborhood.  The officers are in uniform when on duty and have full authority to take official action action should a crime take place while on patrol.  The officers patrol in a marked car leased by the civic association and will be dispatched by FLPD for any 911 call recieved from the neighborhood.  Members also recieve a cell phone number by which they may contact the patrol officers directly while they are on duty.  Members also recieve the opportunity to request a vacation check of their home when they are out of town. 


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Sunday   Jan 21, 2024            J. Bohm

- In service no missed calls

1130- Patrol mainland extra attention to church during service

1300- All checks completed

1430- Check parks

1600- Patrol Isles

1800- Patrol mainland 

1900- Check businesses along Federal and all parks

- out of service 

Monday Jan 22nd, 2024             Wright 

: In service. No new emails, calls, or text messages. Reviewed activity log and began roving patrol. 

1830: Roving patrol of isles, mainland, parks, LYC, and BCS.

1845: Briefly spoke with new homeowner on SE 7th ST isle at the dead end; did not know about Rio patrol - was provided overview and stated he was going to join. 

1900: HOA meeting at BCS

2030: HOA meeting and follow-up meeting complete. Moved Rio car to NRV and SE 9th Ave for stop sign runners.

: Out of service. 

Tuesday Jan 23rd, 2024           Muccino

-In service.  Message on phone from resident on 700 blk of NRV requesting extra patrol in reference to landscape items left overnight on the property.  Called resident back and made arrangements.

1700-  Patrols all clear

1830-  Call for service about a suspicious female curing through yards and being verbally aggressive towards caller.  Area circulated, however she was not located.

1900-  Vacation checks completed

Out of service

Tuesday Jan 23, 2024                R.Smith

- In service, No calls or texts, met with Muccino

2100 - Roving patrols/all ok

2200 - Roving patrol/all ok

2300- Roving patrols/all ok

0000- Roving patrols/all ok

0100- Roving patrols/all ok

0200- Roving patrols/all ok

0300- Roving patrols/all ok

0400- Roving patrols/all ok

- Out of service



Wednesday   Jan 24, 2024            J. Williams

- In service, 1 missed call from the above reference Det. Muccino’s entry. No plants were removed last night and all is well. On patrol

1047-  notified by Rio commander of a complaint from a resident in reference to vehicles parked on the sidewalk and intersection at Ponce and 13 terrace. All were construction workers in the area and warnings were issued. 

-out of service

Thursday January 25th, 2024           Wright 

: In service, detail phoned into Hudson line. Moved car from SE 9th Ave / NRV to 600 blk of Ponce; 20 min walk back!

1630: There was one missed call/voicemail from yesterday and one missed call from today at 1255 hours.

  • Voicemail: Ponce resident wanting to let patrol know they will be having a party on Saturday evening in case of any noise complaints; resident was advised to notify her neighbors and provide good contact info to them to call her first of any noise complaints instead of PD. 
  • 1255 hours call: Texted asking if they still needed PD assistance; advised ‘No thank you.’ 

                        Began out of town checks

1800: Non-stop roving patrol of all isles, mainland, parks, and LYC. 

: Out of service

Thursday   Jan 25, 2024            J. Bohm

- In service no missed calls

1930- Patrol Isles, LYC, and Hemingway

1945- Located 2 non residents fishing from private property at the end of SE 10th st. Both were clear and left the area.

2100- Patrol mainland and all parks

2300- Patrol businesses along Federal and all parks

0100- Patrol Isles

- out of service 

Friday Jan 26, 2024              R. Smith

- In service / Patrols/ met with Lt. Bohm to retrieve phone and keys

0400-0500- Area patrols, no calls or texts

0500-0600 Stationary Cordova and 9st./ Area patrols

0600-0700- Area patrols/ talked to residents walking

out of service

Friday   Jan 26, 2024            J. Williams 

            In service, no new calls or messages, called in to detail line

1000-  completed checks and a patrol on the isles

1215-  out of service

Friday   Jan 26, 2024             R. Smith

- In service/Obtained phone and keys (1 call/1 text) Replied to parking complaint


2315- Patrols / all ok

0015- Patrol/ stopped out with suspicious vehicle, (fishermen on SE 10th st)

0115- Patrol/all ok

0215- Patrol /all ok

- Out of service

Saturday   Jan 27, 2024            J. Williams 

-In service, no new calls or 1 messages already answered

1000-  completed checks on the isles

1200-  responded to 900 block of 11ct reference cement trucks blocking the roadway by the hill, arrived and found the trucks are a good distance from the hill, several workers were watching the traffic flow that was having no issue maneuvering past the trucks, I did not see a traffic issue

            out of service

Sunday   Jan 28, 2024            J. Bohm

In service, 5 missed calls (1 spam, 2 private) with no messages left. 

NOTE: Special attention all night to VSY park with overnight campers

0230- Patrol mainland and area parks 

0330- Patrol Hemingway and LYC

0530- Patrol Isles

0730- All checks completed

- Out of service

Monday   Jan 29, 2024            Ferrer 

-In service no calls - checked all vacation checks patrolled 

Out of service

Monday   Jan 29, 2024            J. Williams 

            In service, no new calls 

completed patrols

out of service

Monday January 29th, 2024            Wright

: In service. No new texts or emails but, one missed call - sent text asking if still need assistance. Reviewed activity log and began roving patrol. 

1622: Spam call.

1730: Static visibility at VSY park; about 20 people out and about

1830: Non-stop roving patrol of all isles, mainland, parks, LYC, and BCS.

1930: Still roving - quite cold out.

2000: Grey BMW SUV issued warning for intersection parking at SE 13th Ter / Ponce

2030: Flagged down by Ponce resident about receiving an extra yard sign; retrieved and placed in Rio car. 

: Out of service.


Tuesday   Jan 30, 2024            J. Williams 

In service, no new calls

0930-  completed checks and a patrol of the isles

1145-  completed all checks

            out of service

Tuesday   Jan 30, 2024            J. Bohm 

- in service, 1 missed call w/ no message

1645- Stopped a subject on 9th and Ponce going door to door soliciting tree service. He was allowed to complete a job he was contracted to do and told not to go door to door.

1730- Patrolled mainland and area parks

1800- Responded to NRV and 6th street in reference to 2 males trying to overturn a golf cart and then stole the keys from the driver. I located all parties and all were known. No charges were pressed and parents were notified.

- out of service 

Tuesday  Jan 30th, 2024              R. Smith

- Meet with Lt. Bohm obtain keys and phone

2100- No call/texts,  Area patrols, all ok

2200- High visibility Cordova and SE 9th st/ all ok

2300- Patrols/all ok

0000- Patrol/all ok

- Out of service

Wednesday   Jan 31, 2024            Ferrer 

In service no calls - 7th isles checked, other isles checked Hemingway and LYC

0600 I patrolled all surface streets checked vacation away home 

0700 I continued patrols and checked by all parks and along fed hwy 

Out of service

Wednesday 1/31/2024                   R. Smith

- In service no texts/calls to phone

2100 - Patrols/all ok

2200- Patrols /all ok

2300- High visibility Cordova and 9 St

0000-Patrols/all ok

-Out of service




Thursday  Feb 1, 2024           Ferrer 

-In service no calls - checked all vacation checks patrolled 

Out of service

Thursday   Feb 1, 2024            J. Williams 

In service, no new calls

1051-  returned missed call - no answer, resident at SE 11 St provided a new sign

            out of service

Thursday Feb 1, 2024               Wright

: In service. Detail later phoned into Hudson line. There were no new calls, texts, or emails. Reviewed activity log and began roving patrol.

1700: Non-stop roving patrol of all streets and LYC.

1800: Still roving - no issues.

: Out of service

Thursday Feb 1, 2024               J. Bohm

- In service, no calls missed. Patrol mainland and area parks.

2010- Call about a gathering at the end of 10th street Isle. Found about 10 people fishing in the construction area. All were told to leave.

2030- I checked Hemingway and the entry gate will not open. Used proper code and screen said access granted but the gate will not move.

2200- Patrolled isles, LYC, and Hemingway.

0000- Patrolled midland

- out of service

Friday   Feb 2, 2024            J. Williams 

- In service, no new calls, Hemingway Gate would not open after code and granting access - drive-by only

0830-  patrol had a call for Ski mask lady going through garbage, i saw her walking earlier but just walking (maybe Beverly?), no contact made; we could not find her in the area, Back in service; case # 34-2402-019768

0915-  completed checks on the isles

1130-  completed all checks, 

-out of service


Saturday Feb 3rd, 2024             R. Smith

- In service, 1 missed call/no texts

1730- Patrols/All ok/spoke with residents walking in the area

1830- Patrols/ All ok/ High visibility Cordova and SE 9th st

- Out of service

city non emergency num


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