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The Protect Rio Vista program utilizes your subscription funds to hire off-duty Fort Lauderdale police officers to patrol in the neighborhood.  The officers are in uniform when on duty and have full authority to take official action action should a crime take place while on patrol.  The officers patrol in a marked car leased by the civic association and will be dispatched by FLPD for any 911 call recieved from the neighborhood.  Members also recieve a cell phone number by which they may contact the patrol officers directly while they are on duty.  Members also recieve the opportunity to request a vacation check of their home when they are out of town. 


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Sunday, 10/30/22

13:40 - 10-8 called Hudson line, checked all messages and called back 2 residents

someone stole political sign Desantis, they wanted to report that

The other one - complain about people parking by the bridge and going fishing. She advised she called twice already, on-going issue

14:00-15:00 - checked all out-of-town properties, everything is secure, left cards behind houses

The owners of are back in town earlier. Made contacts with an owner. 

1500-1700 - Patrolled isles and mainland, everything is clear

1700- out of service 10-7

Monday Oct 31 2022

Happy Halloween 🎃

0700 10-8 called in detail.I patrolled all of the mainland and many away homes. I checked by parks no issues . 

0800  I checked all the isles away homes and through LYC. 

0900 10-7 

1315: In service. 3 spam calls, 1 voicemail, no texts, no emails. Reviewed activity log and began 

roving. VM advised of a ‘crazy’ female honking her horn - because there was no Rio officer on duty, the reportee phoned the non-emergency number for assistance. 

1400: Had text dialogue with above reportee about situation - non-emergency never 

answered and the female eventually stopped honking the horn. 

1445-1530: Stoodby at BCS during dismissal. 

1600: Helped decorate Rio golf cart for halloween festivities. 

1715: Out of service. 

Monday Oct 31 Halloween Event 🎃


Started set up / both lights brought to parks for night fall. Golf cart brought and decorated to start patrols .

Started patrolling early all the littles out trick or treating . Neighborhood started getting super busy around 1900hrs 

Kept patrolling area 

Started receiving calls 

Call received reference large group at 1600 block of 9th street and pillow taken headed to isles broke up very large group at end of isle around 1700 block a party  all kids headed back west to mainland called resident back after and advised .

Received another call large party at house headed to house found large teenage party broke up party spoke with parents regarding all the issues . Spoke with several residents outside .

Continued patrols observed teen carrying a bench made contact he brought bench back to home it belonged too.

Received another call ref possible disturbance on Ponce and 6th headed to that area kids dispersing .

Continued patrols all groups starting to disperse and head home around 10pm . Headed to park to clear all the kids out  at 1015pm cleared park advised all closed cleared park made sure all kids had ride home two couldn’t find a ride officer Hayes drive them home all other kids had parents and Uber arriving . Lights all shut off parks empty and golf cart loaded up for station Neighborhood  pretty much cleared received last call at 1045pm ref two kids being loud at 7th street  after that neighborhood seemed back quiet no true issues another successful Halloween .. 🎃👻

Tuesday Nov.  1 2022

It’s November! 🍁

0700 10-8 called in detail. No missed calls or texts . I patrolled all of the mainland and many away homes. I checked by parks Virginia young tons of trash I called parks they stated they would come by today to clean it up. 

0800  I checked all the isles away home and checked through LYC. 

0900 10-7 

2030 10-8. No missed calls or texts . Patrolled all of the mainland and isles.

2130  Checked all the isles, away homes and checked through LYC. 

2230 10-7 

Wednesday, November 2nd 2022

2100 - 10-8. Phoned Hudson line. No missed calls,texts,emails. Began patrol of mainland 

2133 - Responded w/ FLFR to Abreu Park for a male passed out on a bench. Refused rescue, advised that the park is closed and he agreed to pack up his boat and float on down stream.

2200 - High visibility patrols of mainland and isles

2300 - Checked LYC, BCS. RVCC, Fed Hwy area

0000 - Continued patrols of mainland and isles

0100 - High visibility patrols. Assisted patrol units with a felony stop on a vehicle just involved in a S/33 in District 3 (22-197670). Returned to service and resumed patrols.

0200 - Patrolled mainland / Isles / Fed Hwy area

0300 - Continued roving patrols

0400 - Out of Service

Thursday, Nov. 3, 2022    

0530-  in service, called into detail line, no new messages, texts or emails, beginning patrol

0700-  patrolled the isles with no issues, checked LYC and waterway, completed all checks on the Isles

0712-  received a call from in ref. to the above male in the kayak, attempting to get a better description, I was advised he kayaked westbound, I will check the area,

0900-  patrolled the mainland and businesses, no issues, completed all checks

0930-  out of service 

1000- In service, called into the Hudson detail line. No new text, voicemails or emails. There was one missed call, I returned the phone call and  spoke with the resident who had concern about a black Dodge Charger circling the area of SE 10th St. I checked the area, all quiet at this time.

1100- Began patrols of the Isles.

1200-  received a call from resident. who wanted to meet in reference to a fraud question. She advised that someone had been ordering packages under her name from AT&T and having them delivered to her residence, did not want to make a report due to she already spoke with AT&T fraud dept. who already handled the fraud. She just wanted to pass along the information to RIO Security.

1230- Patrol of the Mainlands.

1300- Property check Virginia Young Park and completed out of town checks

1330-  I received a call from resident. who wanted to notify security that he will be having a party at his residence and there may be more than normal volume of traffic and parking in the area

1400- Checkof LYC all Quiet 

1500- Off duty

Friday, Nov. 4, 2022

0515-  in service, called into detail line, one new message reference vagrant walking in the community at 5:35 pm, no texts or emails, beginning patrol

0715-  all check completed on the Isles, conducted a patrol of the isles, sat at different intersection with no issues

0830-  completed all checks on the mainland, I patrolled the mainland area with no issues, sat at the intersection of 8 St and 11 Ave. observing the stop signs, no issues,

0915-  out of service

1600- In service, I called the detail into the Hudson line.  I reviewed the activity log.  One new text message.   I added it to the out of town log. Two voice messages. .  I added it to out of town log.  Voice message from three hours ago regarding a homeless type male without a shirt in the area of N. Rio & 9th .  I checked the area and the subject was GOA.

1630- Checked the isles and yacht club.

1700- Conducted out of town check.  I moved an amazon package from the front door to the covered patio area.

1730- Checked the mainland and parks.

1800- Checked businesses along  S. Federal Hwy.

1830- Final checks of isles and mainland.

1900- Out of service.

Saturday, November 5th 2022

0700-              10-8 called in detail

                        No new emails, voicemails or text messages

                        Began roving until sun comes up

0800-              Began house checks on mainland

                        Checked VSY park

                        Checked Hector Park

0900               Roving 

                        LYC check

                        Bidge checks

                        House check on Isles

1000               BCS, Fred Hunters and Rio church

1100               10-7 

Sunday, November 6th 2022     

1700- In service, I called the detail into the Hudson line.  I reviewed the activity log. 

One missed call. The resident was concerned about a homeless WM (no shirt, no shoes) walking toward Federal Hwy on SE 9th St last night (11/5/22) around 2100-2200 hours.   I checked the area, and also advised her to call non-emergency number or 911 if we don’t answer the security phone, so on duty patrol could check the area. 

1730- Checked the isles and yacht club.

1845-1920 - checked out of town properties.

1930-2000 - checking mainlands

2000- 10-7

Monday Nov. 7 2022

0500- 10-8 called in detail. No voicemails/ one email for a sign delivery sign delivered to 1215 11ST..  No texts. I checked through the isles all quiet. I checked through LYC and all away homes. 

0600 I patrolled all of the neighborhood and many away homes. I checked by parks no issues . 

0700 I continued patrols I checked by parks and then checked along fed Hwy.

0800- I continued patrols in neighborhood. All quiet 

0900 10-7 

1600: In service. Detail phoned into Hudson line. There was one missed call from 0947 

hours but, on callback it was a busy tone (most likely a telemarketer). No emails 

or texts. Reviewed activity log and began roving patrol.

1715: Rain moving in. Roving patrol of aisles, mainland, parks, lyc, and bcs. 

1830: Heavy rain. Still roving.

1930: Rains over - still roving.

2030: Non-stop roving in the intermittent rain. 

2100: Out of service.

Tuesday Nov 8 2022

0430 10-8 called in detail no voicemails texts or emails .I patrolled all of the isles and away home and checked through LYC. 

0530  I checked all the mainland all away homes and through All parks. I received a new email for an away home at 0600 I replied back and added it to log 

0630 10-7 

1600 in service. One new call from Resident about someone having several dogs off lead in the park. Request extra Patrol in the a.m., call came in around 830

1730 periods of heavy rain. Hoa all clear

1800 lyc all clear 

1900 out of service 

2030 in service. No new calls or messages.  Patrolled Isles and Mainland

2130  periods of heavy rain.  Several areas flooding.  Hoa all clear

2230   out of service 

Wednesday, Nov 9, 2022

0530- In service, no new calls, messages or texts, starting patrol of the Isles, LYC, and area.

0700- completed all checks and a very wet patrol of Rio

0800- completed patrol, out of service

1600- In service.  No new calls on Rio phone. Began patrols.

1730-  Very quiet, plenty of rain moving through.  Flooding along the normal spots on Cordova, PSA’s assisting with traffic.  

1830-  LYC all clear

2000-  Heavy rain, all quiet.  Unable to reach LYC to return vehicle key due to flooding.

Thursday, Nov 10, 2022.   

0515- in service, no new messages or calls, starting patrol

0605- responded to the area of Possible vehicle burglary, suspect description Latin male with black hoodie left in a vehicle westbound, patrol responded to residence, I circulated the area, suspect was near found, patrol took report, 34-2211-202068, returned to location, nothing was taken

0730- Completed all checks

0800- out of service 

FRIDAY, Nov 11, 2022

0730- In service, added 1 home check, several missed calls but all were SPAM, starting patrol and checks 

0830- Completed checks on the isles and out of service

0830-  In service, I called the detail into the Hudson line.  I reviewed the activity log.  No new voice messages, emails, or text messages.

0900- Began out of town checks.

0930- Completed out of town checks.  No issues.

1000- Checked the isles and yacht club.

1020- Traffic stop 500 block of SE 6 Ave (east of tunnel).  Vehicle riding S/B in N/B only lane.  A warning was issued.

1025- Received text message. Address added to vacation log.

1100- Final patrol of isles and mainland.

1130- Out of service.

Saturday, November 12 2022    

0700   10-8 called in detail

            no new messages

            Began house checks

0830 all house checks completed

0930   roving on isles

1030   Park checked

1130   BCS, Fred Hunters, School

1230   10-7 

1230- in service, called into detail line, no calls, texts or messages, starting patrol

1430- all quiet

1530-  had to switch out my vehicle, back in Rio, all quiet

1630-  out of service

city non emergency num


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